Ocean Life style image

Limitless OCEAN — its pattern is reminiscent of the trails left by receding waves on the wet sand. It is unpredictable, like water, taking multiple shapes and forms before returning to the choppy bosom of the ocean. The rug is part of a wider collection developed by O&A London. Caledonia, a new collection born from the collaboration with O&A London, award winning architect and designer Duo Anna Agapova and Oleg Klodt. A collection of 5 different Designs Ocean, Heather, Sound of Fingal’s Cave, celtic and Shells reflects the deeply intimate sense of beauty that the two designers felt on their first visit to Scotland, where the images of their new wall coverings and fabrics collection took shape. Being inspired by the majestic Scottish landscape, the designers created a story that journeyed around the land of the Celts which is reflected in the four unique designs.