Bespoke furniture, grown, designed and made in London.

It is increasingly hard to discern the connection between the products we buy and how and where they are made. Robert Brain makes modern British furniture using timber from London trees, designed and built in his London workshop.

Sourcing material locally means Robert can trace a piece back to the street or park where the tree stood. This gives his work distinctive provenance, and instills it with a narrative of the material’s journey.

Understanding the material’s origin helps to reveal its connection with the process and the finished piece, allowing clients to add deeper interest to their interiors with furniture with a compelling story.

Combining his background as a Philosophy graduate with over a decade’s experience in the luxury interiors market, Robert brings a meticulous and thoughtful approach to the design and construction of each piece.


Contact details

6, 86 Balcorne St
E9 7AU
United Kingdom