Marcin Rusak

Long interested in process and material investigation, Marcin Rusak, known for his flower infused Flora collection, is realising a new furniture brand focused on the painterly qualities of merging metals. MRM (Marcin Rusak Manufacture) is the designers new venture that aims to bring artistic expression to the industrial processes around objects made with metal. The furniture collection spans from understated pieces to statement sculptural works, capturing the expressive essence of working with liquified metals. 

MRM was sparked from a desire to bring some level of emotional expressionism into the furniture landscape, as found in abstract paintings. The objects are literally painted with bronze, brass, copper, aluminium as if they were three-dimensional canvases. They homogenise the complexity of abstract painting with simplicity of minimalist sculpture. They can either seamlessly integrate with their surroundings, or stand out, enhancing the space with their deep colours and rich tactile textures.


Contact details

Studio 19, Second Floor
89 Ridley Road
E8 2NH
United Kingdom