Lorna Syson

British designer Lorna Syson founded her London studio in 2009 and is now based in Rural Oxfordshire. This is Lorna’s first year at Decorex International. To celebrate reaching the businesses 10 year anniversary Lorna is launching her collaboration with RSPB (The Royal Society of the Protection of Birds). Her floral and bird designs on fabrics and wallpapers transport the viewer to witness the world through Lorna’s lens and invite them to find the beauty overlooked in their everyday. 

Camera in hand, she captures fleeting moments; bees collecting nectar, birds foraging for seeds. These memories inspire illustrations and patterns drawn by hand and on the computer, created in Lorna’s signature style, often using a silhouette technique to produce dynamic, contemporary shapes that give wonderful depth.

Lorna won The Best Interior Furnishings designer in 2018, she was named the Best of House 2019 for design and was awarded Excellence in Countryside Inspired Interior design in 2019.

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Sage Cottage
4 Stadhampton Road
OX10 7AR
United Kingdom