Le Deun Luminaires

Le Deun Luminaires is a French company specialising in refined and contemporary electronic lighting with low energy consumption.

Our creations are designed and produced by our team in France. The initial steps of production take place in our Workshop in Poitiers and products are perfected in our Atelier in Paris. 



The philosophy behind Le Deun Luminaires is the pursuit of simplicity and purity; this is what endows our designs with the integrity that has allowed the brand to endure.  We believe that function must inform the shape, which is why we only work with the simplest of geometrical forms.  Together with the highest quality of electronic components, exclusively designed for us, we strive to create the most perfect and efficient object, which is very far from purely decorative lighting. 


Contact details

5 Fawcett Street
SW10 9HN
United Kingdom