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                   KEVIN STAMPER

The tantalizing tipping point between a simple collection of coloured squares and an identifiable image has always fascinated Kevin Stamper; as the eye takes in his work, the mind tries to organize the image into a recognizable object or impression.  The viewer moves closer, then withdraws, squints and tilts their head as an image begins to explain itself, sometimes immediately, sometimes evolving at a gentler pace as the composition is dwelt upon.

The squares, or pixels, are made from hand-dyed sycamore veneer and each one is unique, possessing its own natural grain pattern and texture.  He enjoys the way this gives the material its own voice and an element of control over the final picture.  He uses the process on both furniture and wall hanging art works, pushing the boundaries on what is possible and accepted with the use of wood and veneers and creating fine, hand-made objects of desire.


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Unit 17 Riverside Business Park
Lyon Road
United Kingdom