As an artist, Katrin Spranger creates jewellery and sculpture that deals with science fiction, environment and consumer culture. Focusing on resources that might become depleted in the future,  Katrin explores natural materials including crude oil, water and honey to develop wearable but also time-based and interactive pieces.

In her recent dystopian narrative "Aquatopia", pure water is on the verge of depletion and the precious resource is venerated by keeping consumption and waste to the bare minimum.

Inspired by traditional water systems, the Aquatopia objects were created as futuristic and reimagined drinking vessels, scooping bowls, storages and shower funnels that engage original plumbing parts and laboratory found objects.

Made of copper and glass, materials traditionally used for transporting and storing water, the craft objects straddle the line between function, imagined function and aesthetic quality.


Contact details

Cockpit Arts, Studio W10
Cockpit Yard, Northington Street
United Kingdom