Jennifer Manners Design

Jennifer Manners Design specialises in elegant bespoke rugs and exquisite textiles. Each piece is crafted by hand creating one-of-a-kind pieces that become heirlooms for generations to come.

Launching at Decorex 2018 is one of Jennifer’s most personal collections so far: Modern Africa. This range of sumptuous, hand knotted rugs is born of her true admiration for the continent where she spent several years living, working and travelling.

The designs are all influenced by textiles, objects, photographs, stories and memories that Jennifer accumulated throughout her journey. Inspiration hails from Cameroon and Ethiopia to Burundi and the open plains of the Serengeti.

Abrashed colours, cut and loop piles and unique blends of wool and luscious bamboo silk come to life in each of the seven designs – each carrying a story at their core. Each piece is made by hand, knot-by-knot, by skilled weavers in Nepal, where the art of rug making is centuries old.

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52 Pembroke Road
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United Kingdom