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Hästens has a rich history running back through six generations; with roots as masters saddlers to Hästens appointment and as Royal Purveyors. The journey to where Hästens are now is one filled with passion, skill and the pursuit of making the best handcrafted beds in the world. From the day Hästens made their first bed, natural materials have always played a fundamental role. In 1852 cotton, horse hair, wool and flax were superior to other materials and, surprisingly, even today that remains the case. And, then as it is now, the best way to craft using these materials by hand. What Hästens offer is a very intangible experience, leading to a special appreciation of our beds and sleep itself. It is their absolute conviction that Hästens provides the deepest, healthiest and most powerful sleep to be found.Every bed is produced Hästens factory in Köping, Sweden. They are tailormade, with colour and firmness options according to customers wishes. 

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