EPOC Handcrafted Beds

Established in the East End of London by Joseph James Cope in 1949, EPOC Handcrafted Beds was founded with one overriding ambition: to build the finest hand-made beds and mattresses possible. Some 65 years later, this ambition remains the same.

It’s not about showing our customers what we make, it’s about making what they want,” says Colin Payne, Director of EPOC Handcrafted Beds. This is no idle boast, with the company being one of the finest manufacturers of bespoke divan beds and mattresses in the UK.

Beds are our passion,” explains Colin. “Not just any bed, mind you, but beds that fit the customer perfectly. It doesn’t matter to us what size, shape, mattress tension, storage arrangement or fabric the client wants to use – the answer is ‘yes’.

The key to the enduring popularity of an EPOC bed is the quality of the materials and the quality of its finish.

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United Kingdom