Flow 3

inFlow3 is a collection of undulating ceramic wall modules measuring 20 x 5 x 3 cm. The elegant narrow shape allows for easy application both on plane and curved surfaces.

Inspired by weaving patterns, the modules can be combined and grouped in different ways to form new and intriguing tessellations and patterns that will introduce movement into architectural spaces, balancing the harshness of straight lines. They are perfect for innovative interior design ideas.

The tiles are slip cast in porcelain for extra durability and beautifully glazed in brilliant white, customised colours, luxurious gold and platinum enamels and personalised printed designs. High-fired, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Flat tiles, which can be used to create interesting 2D and 3D configurations, are also available.

Suitable both for wet and dry interior and exterior areas, they are ideal for feature walls in hotels, spa areas, retail spaces, foyers and lounges.