Candibambu Lda

K-Lighting is a international brand, created by Candibambú, based in North of Portugal that works globally. The company is committed to the manufacture of lighting equipment and decoration more over 25 years.

The Candibambú distinguishes itself from the competition due to the design and innovation that puts on the products of medium to high range , featuring all years new and original models.

In our company you can find lamps produced and designed through different materials such as wood , glass, nickel and crystal, and many of them customized to your taste (personal as customized).

We have about 15 efficient employers. We are mainly driven by client satisfaction and by the constant desire to achieve three important goals: perfection, elegance and quality.

Our main goals are doing an extra investment in the customer and their needs ,mark the difference , make every day more and better, and keep in touch with the latest trends .


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Artigos de iluminação e decorações, lda
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