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A creative craft and design practice producing one-off, limited edition, batch production and commissioned  designs in silver and base metal. Sales are direct to the public through trade fairs such as Goldsmiths' Fair and Collect, from studio and workshop premises in London and through exhibition in UK galleries and museums. The business was established in 1990. Rebecca de Quin operates as a designer maker and is a sole trader.

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Reiko Kaneko Ltd is a company designing fine bone china in elegant, functional shapes; glassware and terracotta that is beautifully thin and light; and pure white china dipped in rich glazes to produce unique studio pieces. It’s been an interesting journey so far.

After studying design at Central Saint Martins, Reiko started out designing a range of products which she had made around the world but it was the joy of working with ceramicists in The Potteries, and tapping into over two centuries of knowledge in fine bone china production that led her to concentrate on ceramics.

Reiko spent her childhood in Japan and still makes frequent visits. Japan has not only been an inspiration for the elegant simplicity to which she strives, but the key to her appreciation of craft and craftsmanship. Reiko has collaborated with makers in different materials both in England and in Japan. In addition to design work, the company specialises in ceramic glazing and experiments in the studio with new reactive glazes.


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Bespoke furniture, grown, designed and made in London.

It is increasingly hard to discern the connection between the products we buy and how and where they are made. Robert Brain makes modern British furniture using timber from London trees, designed and built in his London workshop.

Sourcing material locally means Robert can trace a piece back to the street or park where the tree stood. This gives his work distinctive provenance, and instills it with a narrative of the material’s journey.

Understanding the material’s origin helps to reveal its connection with the process and the finished piece, allowing clients to add deeper interest to their interiors with furniture with a compelling story.

Combining his background as a Philosophy graduate with over a decade’s experience in the luxury interiors market, Robert brings a meticulous and thoughtful approach to the design and construction of each piece.

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Riviere design and offer a comprehensive collection of contemporary rugs handcrafted in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, Varanasi and Jaipur in India. From the dying, carding and spinning of the finest natural yarns to the highly labour intensive weaving process, the whole creation is carried out by skilled artisans using techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Riviere’s portfolio of designs is available in an vast range of colours and yarns such as Tibetan wool, pure Chinese silk, Mohair and botanic silk. The company also offers a fully bespoke design service for completely unique, one-off pieces and a colour matching service with a extensive library of more than 2000 colours.Riviere rugs are unique – combining craftsmanship and creativity to produce pieces that are original, beautiful and will last for generations. In an increasingly mass produced world, we are proud to be part of a highly skilled artisan tradition.

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Since 1947 we base our success on quality, research, and innovation. These, combined with our focus on customer care and optimization of materials, have given us the capabilities to expand internationally, owing to a strict observance of ethical and professional code.

We are an industrial reality that promotes and values the heart of artisanship. The high quality of our products is obtained through an optimal combination of industrial technologies and artisan  process.

Our research and development team of experts have the perfect combination of knowledge, advanced technologies , and historical tradition values. Which  allow us a unique position in the market.

In our collections we have products which reflect different cultures and languages. We provide a wide series of natural stones, allowing  our customers top quality and a great  selection.

Vito Romagno / Ceo

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Rosanna Lonsdale is an international luxury lighting business supplying lamps in Britain, Europe, America, the Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East.

Rosanna Lonsdale designs and hand makes her lamps in London, following the same techniques used by her acclaimed grandmother, Monica Greig. 

Her extensive collection is customisable down to the last detail. Clients can choose bespoke background colours – matching their lamps perfectly to wallpapers and specific pantone colours, also choosing the metal finish and silk flex colour. Clients can also have the exclusive option of their own bespoke design on the lamps, featuring their initials/date or a particular motif. 

She also sells stunning lampshades that can be ordered in any size, including a silk ikat range perfect for adding a splash of colour.  

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Founded by Victoria Rothschild and Mark Bickers in 2007, Rothschild & Bickers is renowned for its sophisticated and unique designs. Behind the exquisite lighting which adorns stylish hotels, restaurants and homes across the UK is a passion to keep the craft of glassblowing alive. Every design produced at the studio is handblown using traditional techniques, creating glass that will be cherished by future generations.

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The Royal School of Needlework (RSN) is the international centre of excellence for the art of hand embroidery. Founded in 1872, it is steeped in history with unrivalled expertise in this traditional craft.

The RSN Embroidery Studio has customers from all over the world, from interior designers, architects and fashion designers to places of worship, private individuals and the Royal Family. The specialist team create beautiful bespoke commissions for the future as well as bring historical textiles back to life by conserving or restoring them.

From large commissions, such as hand embroidering bespoke lace on to the iconic wedding dress of HRH The Duchess of Cambridge to smaller requests to conserve a precious sampler that has become a family heirloom, the highly trained, RSN expert stitchers use the finest hand embroidery techniques for each and every commission.

It is an exciting time to be in the world of embroidery because there is scope to take it in many different directions.

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Rugcouture.com was founded in 2008 with the aim of revolutionising the bespoke rug and carpet commissioning and manufacturing process. With offices in the UK, Australia and the USA; we offer our clients the finest bespoke, master-crafted rugs backed by personalised project management, expert quality control and global logistics. As an agile company we can accommodate one off commissions, large scale projects and rapid timescales.

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