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At Naturalmat, we don’t just make mattresses.

Since 2001 we have been handmaking the very best natural fibre and organic mattresses and beds in the heart of scenic Devon, where we source the organic wool that goes into all our products.

We craft sustainable and renewable raw materials into a luxuriously comfortable sleep experience—one that we are proud to create for leading hotels, resorts, yachts and residences around the world, whose guests all take delight in waking up from a natural night’s sleep.

Made by hand in Devon


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NAUU was born in 2013 out of an experience of more than two decades related to Interior Design in Portugal.

It is a brand that conceptualizes; designs and produces luxury & bespoke furniture with exclusive design.


NAUU’s pieces convey quality, innovation, personality, excellence, refinement, elegance, and, above all, passion.

These are the values we uphold at NAUU and which are imbedded in each piece and every detail, from the time it’s imaged to the time it’s completed.


With a contemporary design and high visual impact, NAUU's pieces are thought and designed to be unique and to fit into any space or project, because of their bespoke character.

Having the possibility of customize all the pieces to personal taste, they become even more exclusive and may even be completely unique, specially if the chosen piece is from our Limited & Numbered Edition catalogue.


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Newton Paisley creates beautiful and unique fabrics and wallpapers, all designed and hand-drawn by conservation biologist, Susy Paisley. Each design tells stories of neglected and endangered species, and, even better, contributes towards the preservation of critical wild habitat. For every metre of fabric sold, 100m2 of wild habitat is preserved through our collaboration with World Land Trust.

Newton Paisley undertakes a variety of bespoke projects for private clients and boutique hotels, specialising in celebrating the wild species native to various sites. 

Newton Paisley was awarded three top accolades at the 2018 ICFF at Design x New York: Best in Show for Wall coverings from the IFDA and ICFF and Top Picks from the show from Architectural Digest.

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Nico designs contemporary bespoke furniture.  All pieces are handmade to exemplary standards of craftsmanship, with a design ethos of clarity and attention to detail. 

New for 2018 will be shown a desk in fumed oak veneer with boxwood inlay on edges, and a small console table in pitted bronze finish.

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Niki Jones combines different cultural references within her designs with a love of traditional technique, natural materials and colour: creating a distinctive collection of unique textiles and rugs.

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Michael Northcroft are designers and makers of luxury furniture with an international reputation for excellence. We create outstanding pieces in our East London workshops which can be discovered in our showroom located near London’s Olympic Park. Our designs feature a wide range of exclusive finishes, bespoke sizes, and skilful craftsmanship. The versatility of our collections make it easy to find a personal statement piece for any space.

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We are designers, craftsmen, architects, metalworkers, artists, welders, makers and engineers. We forge bespoke objects and environments, providing exceptional pieces to some of the world's most distinguished clients. Our craft is born of industry, of the manufacturing heritage of our home, the North East of England.

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Special spaces deserve exceptional light fittings: lovingly designed, handcrafted, and beautifully constructed. Lighting that blends in seamlessly with its surroundings but stands out as a work of art. 

At Nulty Bespoke, we create lighting pieces that do just that. With our experience of luminaire design, our knowledge of materials, and our in-depth understanding of manufacturing processes, we provide bespoke lighting solutions of the utmost quality.