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Stand No: J30
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Innermost is a British design brand with a rebellious approach to lighting and furniture. Founded in London and working with designers from all over the world, this innovative brand design and manufacture products of the absolute highest quality.

Back in central London in 1999, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron had a shared vision to create a company utilising their extended experience in design consultancy and furniture design. They had seen plenty of inspired ideas from raw, talented designers that were never being advanced beyond the conceptual. Realising that if they combined their design and manufacturing experience, these concepts could materialise into a unique and diverse range under a single brand. During these early discussions, the stand-out ideas were labelled those ‘close to their hearts’; ‘the inner thoughts; ‘the inner-most dreams’... And so, with a load of ideas, an in-depth manufacturing knowledge and the desire to turn stunning concepts into reality: Innermost was born.

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Stand No: J40A

Isabelle Bizard creates precious and unique lamps for the most elegant interiors.

Using the finest european craftmanship, each lamp is handcrafted individually at the workshop, promoting the best feature in every piece. Isabelle has combined her flair for beautiful objects and textures into stylish brass mounted lamps.

Having found inspiration through travels and from collecting semi-precious stones and others specific pieces from across the world, such as intense amethysts, dazzling agates, sparkling quartz or rare corals and curved shells.

The lamps are ravishing and unique as Isabelle specifically choose each piece thoughtfully. She spent time selecting them for their beauty, their attractive colours or even for a distinctive characteristic that they may have and that makes it so special.

Due to her eclectic eye, these lamps are one-of-a-kind, combining her passion for creating beautiful objects from a texture or nature source.Our lamp are really a linchpin for an elegant house.