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10 - 13 OCT LONDON
16 - 18 NOV ONLINE

Our Entrance Design

Back by popular demand, our entranceway design captivated our visitors at our 2021 show and got their creative juices flowing. Moritz Waldemeyer – celebrated artist best known for his digital light displays and original creations – designed our entranceway at Olympia London, and injected his trademark energy into the opening installation called ‘True Love’.

About Moritz Waldemeyer

Waldemeyer is an internationally renowned artist based in London. His work can be seen within a wide range of disciplines, from art and product design through to fashion and entertainment. In 2004 he made his debut into the design world with an interactive chandelier for Swarovski and Ron Arad.

He held his first two exhibitions in 2006 and 2007 and participated in MoMA’s Design & the Elastic Mind exhibition in 2008. Studio Moritz Waldemeyer, which was founded in 2004, and its work manages to forge links between technology, art, fashion and design. Their experimental approach has resulted in bespoke installations for clients such as Audi, Rinascente and Bicester Village, as well as light-studded costumes for the likes of U2, Rihanna, Jamiroquai and the London Olympics Handover Ceremony.

“Taking part in Decorex 2021 was particularly exciting for the whole team at Studio Waldemeyer. Apart from the importance of Decorex in the yearly design calendar and the incredible location, this occasion marks the first physical installation at an event after many months of lockdown and work in the virtual world”

Studio Waldemeyer

The Entranceway Concept

Visitors of Decorex 2021 were welcomed with a wondrous installation called ‘True Love’, which involved intricately designed butterflies that cascaded from tall columns. This feature started our visitors’ four-day visit to Olympia London. Surrounded by tropical foliage and greenery, echoing the vibes of the foliage found in Kew Gardens, walking into Decorex was a magical experience. 

The large-scale butterflies danced and swayed amongst a mesmerising light display, resembling flames. The feature took its inspiration from Persian poet, Attar of Nishapur; the poem in question talks of three butterflies and their dalliances with a candle’s flame. 

“True Love celebrates the beauty of nature, and the drama of life and its fragility. The butterfly – fragile and beautiful – yet capable of triggering a hurricane on the other side of the globe, or so the theory goes. Opposed by the candle flame, so easily extinguished but yet capable of releasing a fire storm of biblical proportions. The dance of attraction between the two is amplified by the increase in scale and a slow down in pace, an installation of exquisite beauty and charm, but also a philosophical rabbit hole to the more inquisitee observer”

Studio Waldemeyer

Rejoin Your Industry

Experience Mortiz's entranceway feature via a 3D walkthrough of the show and a drone video, all available at Decorex Virtual.