The Bar

Lambart & Browne, the team behind Loulou’s at 5 Hertford Street, Bagatelle on Dover Street, London, and numerous residential projects around the world, will design the bar at Decorex 2018. 

Lambart & Browne was briefed to design a space which would provide a fresh direction for Decorex’s new bar, an evolution of the champagne bar featured in previous years, which will offer a selection of botanically infused drinks. 

The starting point for the design was the expression “bon viveur”, derived from the French phrase, “bon vivant” -  one who lives well - adopted by the English in the mid 19th century. Lambart & Browne will evoke this mood at Decorex with an elegant, refined, colonial-style bar.

Decorex Bar 2018 Designer Freddy van Zevenbergen


We have designed the bar in a contemporary British style, classic eclectic. With this design we are inviting visitors to take a moment to reflect on the inspiring designs they have seen at Decorex in appropriately comfortable and elegant surroundings

- Freddy van Zevenbergen Co-founder and Head Designer


The tent-like structure will be mounted on a raised platform. Each corner will feature rope-wrapped pillars, supporting a sailcloth ceiling. Sheer curtains on three sides of the bar will offer privacy and softer ambient lighting.

Inside the bar, visitors will enjoy a space adorned with decorative screens and luxurious furniture. An elegant lighting features are set to provide impactful focal points. Lambart & Browne’s design will include recognisable pieces from a number of the show’s exhibitors, contributing to a lavish yet comfortable experience.

About Lambart & Browne

Lambart & Browne is headed up by Freddy van Zevenbergen and Tom Browning who met while working with renowned interior designer Nicky Haslam. It is the studio behind Loulou’s, the bar at Robin Birley’s private members club in Mayfair, London. Since its conception the London-based team of young talent have worked on a spectrum of projects in both the residential and boutique commercial sectors.

Its Borough Market studio plays host to its creative team that work across numerous disciplines. It’s a diverse but close-knit family, made up of architects, designers, textile & furniture designers, finance and studio managers. It has continued to lead on projects of the highest quality around the world, quickly gaining a reputation for creativity, flair and a passion for perfection. 


Decorex is proud to present the following drinks companies supporting our Decorex Botanical bar...


Using water from the spring-fed Silent Pool, and the finest 24 botanicals, Silent Pool Gin is hand-crafted and bottled on-site in the beautiful, rural landscape of the Surrey Hills. The award-winning gin is a rich and clean juniper-driven spirit with floral layers of lavender and chamomile, notes of citrus and kaffir lime, enhanced by local honey for a wonderfully smooth finish.

Wimbledon Brewery
Peter Spanton Drinks