Susy Paisley

Suzy Paisley
Newton Paisley

Susy Paisley is a conservation biologist who spent many years doing research in Mayan Mexico and studying the spectacled bear in the high Andean cloud forest. Her detailed illustrations from the field are reminiscent of artist-scientists like Maria Sibyla Merian, Elizabeth Gould and Margaret Fountaine, who all created detailed, sensitive illustrations of the flora and fauna they studied and loved. A life-long textile and pattern obsessive, Susy became convinced that fabric and wallpaper were a more fitting home for her illustrations that the pages of dusty scientific publications. Her designs, depicting endangered wild species, are lavish and enchanting. The proceeds directly support conservation - for every roll of wallpaper or metre of fabric sold, 100m2 of critical wild habitat are preserved through World Land Trust. Susy launched her business, Newton Paisley, at Decorex two years ago. Her designs have been used in numerous domestic projects in the UK and abroad and in boutique hotels like The Pig. She has already won several awards including Best in Show at the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York, another Best in Show from the International Furnishings and Design Association and one of 6 Best New Products in Architectural Digest.