Rodrigo Moreno Masey

Rodrigo Moreno Masey

Rodrigo Moreno Masey, founder and principal of architectural firm MorenoMasey has a reputation for understanding the spaces we use. For the past ten years he and his team have designed and built numerous residential, commercial and private properties that demonstrate a design-led approach. Without imposing an end goal studio aesthetic he achieves ‘answers and solutions’ architecture with a clear understanding of the opportunities, and a strong client focus.

The practice has extensive experience across a cross-section of building types and projects that include historic and listed buildings as well as considered new build schemes. Designing from the inside out, whether or not the building exists is key to their ethos, where flow, layout and space planning drive the end result internally and externally. The team are connected by this shared desire to create houses that work and function as homes, a sentiment which underpins design, planning and execution of all their projects.

This process is driven and overseen by Rodrigo Moreno Masey who stresses that his team is rarely self-indulgent “we deliver our client’s vision, better. We apply basic principles of design and understand where compromises can be made. A client may have an idea of what they want to achieve and our goal is to translate that”. This is fundamentally different to practices that have an established aesthetic style that drives or dictates the design.

Rodrigo Moreno Masey is a member of RIBA and ARB and has spent the past 18 years in private practice, notably working for 11 years as a director with the firm Michaelis Boyd as the third employee, before going on to establish his own practice. He has grown the company to a comfortable team of 20, a size at which he is able to maintain control over the creative and technical process in each project that they undertake.