Emily Williams

Emily Williams

Emily Williams, Co-founder of BradyWilliams, has over a decade’s experience as an interior designer and set up her London based studio with Shayne Brady in 2013. BradyWilliams focuses on residential and commercial projects offering exquisite, timeless design; because of this the studio has fast become an expert in interior architecture, interior design and furniture design. Focusing on creating enduring but characterful design in its residential projects, the studio effortlessly combines classic with contemporary.

BradyWilliams’ dedication to tailored bespoke design in its projects resulted in the creation of the London Collection - the first signature line in furniture available to consumers. Instantly picked up and stocked by Harrods, the collection is inspired by many of the bespoke pieces the studio has created over the years. From a sofa to a drinks cabinet, each item is beautifully crafted using high quality materials.