Amit Malhotra

Amit Malhotra
Creative Director
Aflux Designs

Aflux is a design and architectural company who believe in ‘affordable luxury.” The goal is to create luxurious spaces of beauty but remain affordable in price! Aflux was founded in 2014 by Amit Malhotra who is a jack of all trades from teaching Japaneseto accountancy and Sara Ripamonti a master designer. The duo met (in a bar) and identified a gap in the market as not everyone can employ high-profile interior designers. There are clients who have tastes and desires but no idea how to do a full development, clients who do not just want an interior designer but someone to hand-hold them through the whole process from council planning to the final design. Aflux, has a hands-on personal approach with clients, creating WhatsApp group chats and always beingimmediately on hand for ‘design’ emergencies.