2020 Great Escapes

immersive decorex feature

The Great Escapes: A 3D Visualisation Experience

2020 has seen Decorex transition to an all-virtual format, which created the challenge of how we bring the immersive elements of our physical event to you virtually. And so, for the very first time, we are launching a digital feature, The Great Escapes – made possible through our visualisation partner Spotworks.   

We have asked 5 talented designers to respond to a brief in order to create a 360-interactive tour of a space that they’ve curated. This will be hosted on the Decorex Virtual platform from 17-19 November and will be available for all attendees to enjoy. 

The Brief

What if you could step into a digital wonderland of limitless design? The Great Escapes brief asks that our selected designers create their ultimate ‘happy place’. Allowing the designers absolute artistic freedom; we urged them to be as outlandish and bold as they dare.

 Is it a hut on the beach or in the mountains, a treehouse, or a cabin in the woods? It could be a place to read a book, sleep under the stars, relax on the beach, dine in luxury or sit back and admire the views.

The Designers

Charu Gandhi

Charu Gandhi, Elicyon

Alexandria Dauley

Alexandria Dauley, Dauley Design

campbell rey

Duncan Campbell, Campbell-Rey

Charlotte Rey

Charlotte Rey, Campbell-Rey

louise wicksteed

Louise Wicksteed, Louise Wicksteed Interiors

Henriette von Stockhausen

Henriette von Stockhausen, VSP Interiors

The Concepts

UKIYO yacht by Elicyon

elicyon the great escape

Inspired by the movement of waves and vessels crossing the seas, we have imagined a haven aboard our ‘UKIYO’ yacht; where you can escape the worries of the world. Crystalline and weathered materiality mixed with soft forms and natural curves cocoon you in a serene sanctuary

High above the city by Campbell-Rey

campbell rey concept

For the Decorex 2020 Great Escapes virtual exhibition we imagine a tiny intimate cocktail lounge atop a mythical early 20th-century skyscraper in New York. With panoramic views over the city at dusk, the space has a sunken seating area at its centre, with design cues drawing on elements of art deco, streamline moderne and 1980s glamour. The materials are rich and surprising; lacquered wall panels, steel accents and thickly textured carpets contrast with the upholstered seating, travertine tables and a Lalique panelled ceiling. The overall effect is one of refined insouciance and warm conviviality, a place to escape to above the chaos of the city below.

Connected to nature by Louise Wicksteed

louise wicksteed design

Celebrating a simpler existence, one where we can take the time to enjoy those daily rituals, from bathing, be it in the chilly sea or a wooden lined hot tub to that first cup of coffee in the morning, reading a book or sitting beside a roaring fire while the wind and rain grumbles outside.

Italian Rococo by VSP Interiors


Rococo architecture is totally dreamlike while its fluidity and colours lend itself to an escape like dream. Perhaps it’s not somewhere one would like to live all the time - therefore all the better for dreaming! My design draws inspiration from Italy and its many lemon groves. I adore where my parents live and I have spent many heavenly summers there; I long for long lazy days in the sun.

Barbados Villa by Dauley Design

dauley design

A dream private beach front getaway. The perfect retreat to relax, recharge and reconnect to nature and the natural surroundings. The location is the west coast of Barbados, a place that my extended family call home and an island I feel connected to. The white-sand beaches, azure waters, warm breeze and lush tropical planting make for the perfect setting.

Our 3D Visualisation Partners

spotworks immersive decorex
spotworks immersive decorex 2