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24 Sep 2014 11:23
Allie Little

With so much beautiful colour spreading it’s way across Decorex 2014, we take a look at some of the most vibrant stands and products at this year’s show.

Julian Chichester D42


The delightful Elgin Cabinet from Julian Chichester certainly caught our eye. The bold shade of green injects a wonderful burst of colour into their already lovely stand. Add to this Julian’s achievement as winner of the Decorex Outstanding Contribution award, and this is definitely a must see for Decorex 2014.

The Little Greene Paint Company C53


Each year Little Greene never fail to impress with their creative stand design at Decorex, and this year is definitely no exception! With a number of room sets, each with its own bold colour scheme and design, the stand features an innovative use of colour to optimise the space.

Michael Eden Future Heritage


We simply couldn’t resist featuring the Michael Eden collection. Located at the Future Heritage stand, these colourful contemporary pieces are a joy to behold, and the curation and display by Corinne Julius definitely does these beautiful works justice.

Eley Kishimoto K56b


This striking stand from Best New Exhibitor award winner Eley Kishimoto is simply unmissable. “We come with strength of intention, and believe that diluting the aesthetic confuses people. We aim to disturb, disrupt, and provoke people’s interest” – Mark Eley

Bluebellgray K36


This delicate yet stunning display from Bluebellgray is a must see. With beautiful fabrics in a huge variety of patterns and colours, it is impossible not to smile whilst looking at this stand. “We are always about feel good design, and colour is a big part of that, it can really lift your spirits”- Fiona Douglas

Copper & Silk K40

copper silk

This vibrant display from Copper & Silk features five empire lampshades, all of which are hand pleated. With the use of Paprika, Lime, Hot Pink and Silver shades, this simple yet effective display adds a wonderful pop of colour to the stand.

Adam Nathaniel Future Heritage


Inspired by the frenetic excitement of contemporary media, Adam’s use of colour here is fantastic. Featured in the Future Heritage area, his pieces are playful yet striking, and are definitely an eye catcher.  

Stark Carpet G51


This year’s Stark Carpet stand is a plethora of exquisite colours. With shades varying from pinks to blues, purples to greens, we love the use of different colours to draw attention to the beautiful works on display.

Pouenat Ferronnier D62


The Last Night Totem is designed by Damian Langlois-Meurinne, and is made from completely hand blown glass. Seen here in Turquoise, this exciting piece adds a brilliant flash of colour to the elegant stand.

Moissonnier D64


With its origin at the intersection of traditional styles and the aesthetic avant-garde, Moissonnier works a strange alchemy in its creations, and their stand at Decorex this year is no exception. We love the use here of the Purple Grand Canal Shade against the yellow draws – wonderful!

Loomah B51


Loomah stated that they wanted to be brave with their stand, to go bold and go big – and they have certainly achieved this. With four key pieces on the stand, each as bold as the next, it really does stand out. The three rugs are Jade, Beth, and Redloh, with the Ocelot carpet, all of which have interchangeable patterns, colours and textures.

Gainsborough Silk Weaving C29


This beautifully colourful display of exquisite fabrics is the Cunard collection from Gainsborough Weaving. Originating from the White Star Line design from the 1950s, the range has been re-coloured and resized especially for Decorex 2014, and can also be seen in the Decorex Entrance.

Charlotte James B41

charlotte james

We love the arrangement of vivid furniture pieces on the Charlotte James stand at Decorex this year. With contrasting shades of green, yellow, and orange, this stand exudes colour, and is a must see.

Tom Faulkner B45


These striking pieces from Tom Faulkner are a definite highlight. Seen here in three different shades, the chairs are presented in a wonderful colourway, and add an extra little something to this already fantastic stand.

And finally...Timorous Beasties A36


We realise that this isn’t technically a product, but we simply could not resist including these colourful seagulls spotted on the Timorous Beasties stand!

Still craving more colour fix? Come to our Colour Trends session in the Decorex Seminar Theatre at 2pm with Sally Davies from Global Colour!

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